Ten Digital “Musts!”

Ever since Moses had his chat with a “burning bush” it’s been:

The Ten Best Dressed , The Ten Most Wanted, up until Woodrow Wilson tried to save Europe from itself with his: “Fourteen Points”.

Georges Clemenceau famously remarked: “here he comes with 14 Points when Ten were enough for the Lord Jehovah!”

Obviously since he managed to shoehorn them into “The Treaty of Versailles” trying out do The Lord has fallen out of fashion.

I am going to list my:

Ten Essential Guide Posts
For navigating in “the digital world”:

1. Passwords are not like black sox, one size does not fit all,

2. Passwords are “case sensitive” e-mails & domains are not!

3. Each of us is one keystroke from disaster

4. Technology will let you down & at the worst possible moment,

5. It’s not a matter of what to do, if your device fails, it’s what you are going to do when it fails,

6. Every device needs a backup and/or restore copy,

7. Even Wikipedia can be wrong,

8. Nobody knows everything, it’s not necessary to be smarter than everyone, just smarter than the next guy,

9. If it looks/sounds too good to be true it probably is!

10. Over sixty-five does not equate to “terminally” stupid

On a personal level I would like to know: how to get more kernels to pop in microwave popcorn?

FYI/The magnet in your smartphone is too small to demagnetize any “key card”

Writing this list was fairly easy, getting it down to ten essential truths/guideposts was the hard part, but at least it’s given me an idea as a “new” department (newspapers call them features), which I can add to my podcast iPhone and Me™/Daily so I can “expand” on these ideas in an ever-changing landscape, perhaps more people will seek out my material.
Bonus Tip number 11 — A sharpened number two yellow never needs charging, if it has a usable eraser will never let you down!

Bonus Tip #11a/R  — Those of us “engaged” in/on “social media” are really disengaged.

In 1962 Andy Warhol famously remarked: “in the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes”. Little did he know, thanks to the Internet everyone can be famous for 15 seconds each and everyday!

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PS I think Miss Cornwall would be proud of me for this!

FYI/regular listeners know Miss Cornwall was my sixth grade English teacher, a serious “blue haired” lady who taught us to look at newspapers for examples of good writing.
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iCloud is all that and more

iCloud is all that and more, its real strong on “sharing files”, between devices, and other users, and it’s especially handy if you have to share your “projects” with other “non-Apple users”, including  editors, and other professionals.

Of course, you can also share your files, via a “thumb-drive” and tote them into “Kinkos/Fed-X Office” (or maybe Staples), and print from their “Xerox machine”.

The best part is the price, a minimum account is free, and it saves space on your  machine too, I’ve found it very handy maintaining “word processing files”,

Please remember I’m talking about iCloud, which may or may not be “cloud storage”, The really great thing about iCloud is that’s still available to you if you use a PC, and have downloaded iCloud For Windows,  you just have to have an Apple id.  Of course, it works best for any Mac user, but then so does everything else. (It’s comparable as we used to say)

I just found out why it might pay to upgrade to MicroSoft Works version 2014 — Last week I created a piece to share with an editor, as is my custom, I exported Pages to “word” for transmission, via email. The editor was a little annoyed, because he “can’t open” a “zipped file” (I guess I’m too cutting edge). So I exported to PDF, which made him happy, but now he can’t edit without a lot of work on his part. I think I need to visit the Apple Store and upgrade to the new word too,  I’m interested in compatibility, especially in dealing with editors, if I want to get my work published — it’s  about making  their lives easier.

I went back and found my copy of Microsoft office (from 2008), and it won’t load to O.S. Yosemite (its at least three operating systems behind or more).

Unfortunately your 2008 copy of Word for Mac will not install with OS Yosemite, however, I have looked in at the Apple Store and they now sell five versions of Office and I am going to make a post a blog on LinkedIn Pulse outlining the difference. If you are a writing professional  there might be an advantage to using “Word” and “working in ‘the cloud’…” visa-vie “sharing” with editors, etc.

I have been contributing to the on-line literature of Pages vs Microsoft Word, and have been pleased by the readership, especially since my remarks have tended to be positive rather than negative,

I think it’s time for me to produce a “podcast white paper” for release on LinkedIn, since I have added to the “literature” on the subject….

Next Post in this series — Sharing Files To BigBox/PrintOnDemand

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The Pope’s Cameo©

Notes From The Commonplace Book of Sherlock Holmes/September 1891

Siegerson Meets Captain Crocker

After securing the assistance of The Director, (Andraaoos Hüseyin), four nights each week, at The Opera Commique/Fr of Marseilles, during the day I was scouring the Maritime Community for a confederate.

Andraaoos had secured permission from the impresario to use his office, which would be unoccupied during performances assuring our privacy.

Each day I was occupied making discrete inquiries in waterfront parts searching for a “friendly” captain and/or owner of a sailing ship engaged in trade with Sicily.

I had hoped to locate another Circassian, but settled instead on a certain Jack Crocker, a Colonial/(Australian) of impeccable reputation.

We met on a September afternoon aboard his vessel The Bass Rock.

“Captain for reasons of my own I need to make visits to The Isle of Sicily,  incognito. I wish to assure you my activities are entirely legal, I have been retained by a high personage to recover some stolen property of great value. At no time will your vessel will be in jeopardy from my actions…”

Captain Crocker paused to think before replying, “May I know the identity of the supercargo which I am asked to transport?”

“My name is Siegerson, but on your vessel I will be Ansar Pasha a Circassian Merchant and dealer in objects de arte’ my nom de guerre’…”

“My vessel does not normally carry passengers, but we do have an owner’s stateroom which might be available. How many trips do you anticipate?”

“As to trips, Captain I haven’t quite worked that out, but I anticipate not more than three or four, fewer if I am able to locate the missing item sooner…”

“Thank you for your candor Messier Siegerson,  As you might suspect I do not own this vessel outright, I have partners, but I am the senior or managing partner and my associates ask only that my voyages return a proper profit.

It may take me a few days to work out details, my main concern is fitting your needs into securing cargo in Sicily.”

“Certainly Captain that’s quite sound and proper, on my own end I intend to formulate a plan, may I further suggest we meet again in a fortnight to compare notes”.

Upon the conclusion of my speech, we both rose, The Captain extended his hand, which I grasped firmly, we shook hands in agreement and I disembarked the ship.

To Be Continued

The Pope’s Cameo© is a new story of Sherlock Holmes, by John MaGuirk with apologies to Dr. John H. Watson.

John MaGuirk writes & produces GeekOfTheWeek/Podcast. heard on PodOmatic channel chuckwagoncharlie@podomatic.com each Tuesday .

A Short Primer On Iced Coffee

This was good advice two years ago, it’s still true Today


When I was growing up in Connecticut, iced coffee was the preferred beverage of our more sophisticated neighbors to the East, NewYorkCity —  NewYorkCity! You know that place that where they don’t know  how to make clam chowder.

At the time before the ascendency o f California Cuisine, NYC was the at time  The Fine Dinning Capital  of America.

When you went into a tablecloth restaurant you had to wait while your food was prepared,  especially if you ordered “ala’ carte”, which at that time meant “not the compete dinner”.

Dinner might include: a cocktail,  an appetizer or soup, salad,  entree with potato and two vegetables,  but not dessert,  featuring a complementary hot beverage.

During the summer   —  July/August iced coffee might be a suggestion, but here’s The Deal

To be savory Iced Coffee needs to be presweetened. 

Sugar refuses to dissolve in cold liquids. 

FF/To 21st. Century America and Mickey…

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BridgeMaven talks “Library Science”

Yes, This précis is going to be part memoir, sit back and relax while we take a short trip back in time and place to Bridgeport, Connecticut, and Lincoln School

At the time Bridgeport’s long term mayor, was Jasper Mc Clevy, who when asked about his plans for snow removal, said and I quote: God, put it there, God will take it away,  end of quote,

At that time local elections were nonpartisan, and he was a well known “cheap skate,” except in two area’s, The Boroughs Public Library and associated branches and The City Fire Department, which was the finest in The State.

His reasoning was, if The City had good fire protection business’s would benefit from low insurance rates, but I want to talk Library

Each spring, elementary grades three through eight trouped across the street (At LincolnSchool) to The Newfield Branch Library, and Mrs Rink, the branch librarian would instruct us in the use of the card catalogue system, and library placement, by the time I reached grade six, seven, and eight, it was more about available research resources within any library.

Yes, it was pretty dry stuff, but trust me fans, it made an impression and I still know how to find what I am looking for in any library.

Now that I’ve laid down my background library-wise,

On his show last Friday Rush Limbaugh had a caller relate an incident in his community library, Chappaqua, New York, (You know whom lives there don’t you).

Rush Limbaugh has produced a series of children’s history books titled: Rush Revere, he started with Rush Revere & The Pilgrims.

This patron entered the library, and asked the desk librarian for one of the titles.

“I don’t think we have that book”, came the reply

Before he could ask Why? Another more senior librarian approached and said:

“I think you will find that book in the cooking section”…

The patron went to the named section, and there was the book, shelved upside down, in the “wrong” section.

Fans I don’t believe it!

If the setting had been Book’s A Million, it would be an apocryphal story, but even a millennial(liberal) librarian wouldn’t work that hard, misplacing a book in any library is “hard work”,

Here’s the 411/every book coming into each library is processed and added to the system, and even to this day a catalogue card is still produced, for each volume in each branch.

Of course, each book already has an ISBN number,(code) as aside, Do You Know We Are Using a thirteen digit barcode in a 14 digit world?

Two labels are applied to each volume received — a scan-able library bar code for the reader, and another label on the spine with the DeweyDecimal  number, which is necessary to “shelve” the book in the stacks so it maybe found by library staff and/or patrons if the stacks are open, as they are in most branch operations.

So you see shelving a book in The Wrong Place, would only serve to call attention to the book, as would placing it upside down.

The way to insure animity for any volume is to put it in the right place, and then direct the reader to the WRONG place.

However, in a retail setting like Books-A-Million it might work, because their clerks don’t know beans about shelving books,

Just visit the biography section, it’s a mess,

Biographies/Autobiographies are shelved, not by author, but by subject’s last name, Mysteries are shelved by Author

I know this has been a long journey, regardless of political opinion, it’s in the librarian’s best interest for the patron find what he needs after all is said and done, it’s the patron who pays the bills.

John MaGuirk writes & produces GeekOfTheWeek/PodCast heard each Tuesday on PodOmatic channel, http://www.chuckwagoncharlie@podomatic.com



The Pope’s Cameo©

Notes from The Commonplace Book of Sherlock Holmes, August 1891

A Visit to The Museum de Medditeriane/Fr.

My introduction to Andraaoos Hüseyin The Curator of Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée, was certainly fortuitous.

Our first meeting was in the office of the curator on an August afternoon.

“I have your letter of introduction from Messier Bertillon of The Surte’ Nationale, but I am curious about, How I maybe of service to a ‘Norwegian’…” The Director said in flawless English with a hint of accent of The Levant.

“Seigerson is my nom de’ guerre/Fr. and if won’t be prejudicial to our affairs, I chose to remain incognito for the present”, I replied

“As you wish , how may I be of service to you?”

“I have been retained by a high personage to ransom a gem believed to be held by The Mafia on The Isle Sicily… As you know penetration of a closed society maybe difficult.

I have reason to believe ElCappo Mafiasso might be eager to dispose of The Pope’s Cameo without confirming Mafia involvement.

My first thought was to assume the identity of a Lascar.”

“Yes, that might work, except body makeup would be required, in addition to the cultural aspects, which I presume is the reason you have consulted me.”

You are correct, of course, I have assumed disguises in the past, but usually for 24 hours or less, and did not alter my cultural identity, which is a difficult task.

“So it’s agreed, I will be happy to tutor you in aspects of Muslim culture and basics of The Quran, may I suggest you assume the identity of a somewhat, dubious Circassian Merchant”

Why Circassian?

Elementary My Dear Seigerson;  I am myself a Circassian, and as you can see, we share a similar visage, makeup is not required, additionally Circassians are typically, not as devout, as the Sunni Muslims of the more Southern Regions”

“ Monsieur Director, I rejoice, having found a colleague, So let us proceed on this basis, I intend to make inquiries on Sicily in mufti, if necessary, to fix the location of The Cameo, and gain other intelligence on our Mafia friends.

Let us consider our next steps, which may involve a less public meeting place and the matter of your fee for services.”

“I quite agree, as to the fee, I have a fixed scale for my services, except when I chose to remit them altogether, may I further suggest, The Opera-Comique of Marseilles, which I am known to frequent, visiting with members of The Cast.”

Having achieved my main purpose locating an ally in The Muslim Community, and with the promise of further assistance, I jotted down shorthand notes in my commonplace book,  and rose, thanking my new collaborator, I setout to embark on the next phase of The Adventure of The Pope’s Cameo, a confirmation of the gem’s whereabouts and locating a possible “confederate” in the enemy camp.

To Be Continued

The Pope’s Cameo© is a new story of Sherlock Holmes written by John MaGuirk, podcast producer and writer. This material is not yet incorporated in the original text, and represents additional content.

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Follow The Money

Mass transit as a government function has a dismal record,

Mostly it usually takes longer than we think to build, and winds up costing more than we can imagine.

It’s our own fault really, we have become accustomed to believe: we can build our local MassTransit with someone else’s money, ie Government grants, etc.

Here’s the problem: “Govement”(sic) only has the money which we, read taxpayers, send to Washington — they diligently write a check back to Nashville, except somehow, we have sent more than we get back.

The Metro Council is planning to drastically increase the Hotel/Motel taxes in Nashville, which will cause a flight of cash to Gracious & Growing Brentwood, and for net savvy users “Air B&B”,

Can anyone seriously believe, if we couldn’t afford AMP at 54M, how can we afford something projected to cost a 1000 times more?

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March 24th
Panera Bread/37221

Interviewing For Your PodCast

Ten Simple Hacks To Improve Your Technique

Creating interviews for your PodCast might seem easy, but preparation is the vital. Let’s discuss ten simple steps which will improve your effort.

If you have created a PodCast Interview, I’d like to hear it & perhaps make some concrete improvements!


A BroadCast Memoir

You may not be The TV fan I am but I have noticed something peculiar. The audience on Live Shows especially: The View, Talk, and others of that ilk, have a raucous audience.

Even on Judge Judy spectators will groan or clap, but she sits right down on them and reminds them, though it’s a mute court, she is not interested in audience reaction. Make no mistake she’s the boss.

All of this harkens back to the dim dark past when live studio audiences were subject to a warmup,

Let’s engage TheFlutzCapacitor & journey back to the days before color TV. (That certainly was a long time ago).

FYI/I’m going to have change my style of writing because I can no longer assume we share cultural references.

My mom was a big fan of Arthur Godfrey he was The Big Dog in AM radio & did fifteen hours weekly of a magazine style show from 10AM to 1:PM (drive time hadn’t yet been invented).

The program was produced at CBS Studios in NYC each weekday morning, this was a network show.

PS I remember there was competing show from Chicago called,  Don McNeil’s Breakfast Club which I thought was more fun, but that’s another story.

At each hour break listeners were invited to: Write For Tickets to a live broadcast.

So one week day morning in June my mom got me dressed and bundled me off to a train to NYC,  it had to be an early train because The Network (CBS)  wanted the audience seated by 9:30.

This particular facility was a purpose-built broadcast studio with folding chairs, set theatre fashion.

Enter Tony Marvin a dapperly dressed individual in suit, white shirt, & necktie.

While the other performers, stage hands, and members of the broadcast crew, were doing necessary tasks, Tony was in charge of the audience warmup,

It was necessary to do an audience warmup each day,  after all the only thing which was new, was us the daily audience.

Our participation was required at certain times during the broadcast, especially after, The Star Introduction, and since there was no video, brother Marvin would give the audience a visual signal, when to clap — no one Wahoo’d then.

Hanging over this “set” was an applause sign, right on time Arthur Godfrey strode out, sat down, Brother Marvin waved is arm as the agreed signal, and we dutifully or vigorously applauded.

It was all good, and to the radio “viewers” (Thank You Bob & Ray), it certainly sounded spontaneous.

Yes, gentle reader this has led somewhere, and we have finally arrived:

If you are going to produce a professional sounding PodCast interview, spend a few moments with your guest, to “warm them up”, that’s the reason I favor using a “smartphone” as my recording media, no one is intimidated talking into a telephone.

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March 24th
Panera Bread/37221

Interviewing For Your PodCast

Ten Simple Hacks To Improve Your Technique

Creating interviews for your PodCast might seem easy, but preparation is the vital. Let’s discuss ten simple steps which will improve your effort.

If you have created a PodCast Interview, I’d like to hear it & perhaps make some concrete improvements!

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The PodCast Doctor is In!

Finding Your Favorite Podcast

A token of my appreciation is winging its way to Richard Cummings for suggesting this topic

There’s good news and bad news:

The good news is that their maybe a PodCast out there just for you,  everybody and his brother are in the PodCast business, and some of them are really great.

Here’s the bad news:  There’s a product out their which you might be interested in but searching by genre may produce,

Too Many PodCast’s Herr Mozart!

Search/Google by PodCast Title or name of the producer, this is best done on a computer, it’s a little more difficult on your SmartPhone, but that’s where you want the PodCast to wind up, so your device becomes, a player,  thru your car radio

Googling by name may produce the Podcast URL or hosting site, which is okay too, of course, any producer can email you the MP-3 which will play on any device.

That’s the beauty of any PodCast, you get to consume the content on your schedule.

As a “last resort,” look in a iTunes, Stitcher & Podtlstic – ( iTunes used to be Apples Music Store and app store, but is not strictly a directory of your music, and podcasts).

For the PC world load iCloud for Windows, it’s free and Apple wants you to have it

Let’s summarize:

  • Search by PodCast Title or name of the producer
  • Try a Directory, like iTunes, Stitcher or Podtlstic , there are others,
  • Google a genre, or PodCast category as a last resort

If you would like to ask ThePodCastDoctor a question telephone my iPhone — at Six One Five — Five Eight Four — Two Seven — One Seven Go to voice mail, and leave your question — If I use your question I will send you a Starbucks Gift Card — That’s Six One Five — Five Eight Four — Two Seven — One Seven Go to voice mail, and leave your question.

Next time we meet: The Role of Headlines in Your PodCast

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Dear Dave:

I am a loyal listener & I appreciate the way you add “value” to your programming with,  Theme Hours.

The one I personally enjoy most is TheTipping Hour.

So let me lay this down for you:

I visited one of my favorite watering holes (name upon request) and when the server returned to collect my card (Yes, I Use American Excess) she came back bearing a Tablet.

So far it’s all good, except the prefigured tip was on the gross amount and at 25%.

Fortunately for me, this ain’t my first rodeo, and I quickly located the “other” button and changed the tip for my amount 15% on the gross which I’m sure you will recognize as closer to 18%.

I know from listening to your program you believe in tipping well, and I agree, especially if the restaurant is on my “often visited list,” but I think 25% on the gross is a little generous.

What do you think?

John MaGuirk writes and produces GeekOfTheWeek/Podcast heard each Tuesday on PodOmatic channel — chuckwagoncharlie@podomatic.com

Just In Time For Valentines Pull A Credit Report On Your Intended

That’s Romance In 21st Century America

If Dave Ramsey reads Money in USA This Day Monday Feb 12/2018 he would pitch a fit.

In case you missed it, just in time for Valentine’s Day a ten question test for your “financial significant other”.

Question One: “Do you know their credit score”?

Question Two: “Is your credit score similar to your partner”?

No, on second thought he’d have a hearty laugh.

There’s a whole flock of things wrong with this so-called Test.

Beginning with mixing finances without the benefit of marriage is Dangerous to your Financial Wealth.

The last successful “pal-almoney” suit was Marvin/Triolia/Mitchell.

Since then to quote Judge Judy: “you didn’t bother to get married don’t ask this court to separate the pots & pans…”.

We have domestic court for married couples.

Dave Ramsey Rule One: Don’t Combine Finance’s With-out an I Do.

Accessing a Credit Report is now a profit center for The Usual Suspects. TheSoCalledWarOnCash is really more about CityBank “wetting their beak” @ 2.5% each time “you want fries with that?”

John MaGuirk Writes & produces Wired615senior Podcast & blog hear his podcast each Wednesday on PodOmatic channel chuckwagoncharlie@podomatic.com